Generate more revenue from your mobile apps.

Deliver targeted segments and drive

more value from the mobile user base.

Identify Premium Segments

Apptient allows publishers to gather more information about their users’ interests and preferences and identify premium segments within their mobile customer base. For example, they can see which customers are likely to have a special interest in dogs, automobiles, or travel.

By more accurately understanding and segmenting their mobile customer base, publishers can deliver more valuable segments to mobile advertisers and earn a lift on their ad sales.

Target Particular Devices

With Apptient installed, publishers can identify the specific kind of device or carrier used by each of their mobile customers. This detailed segmentation can be particularly valuable for advertisers that want to reach customers on specific devices.

Simple to Implement, Unobtrusive

The Apptient solution can be quickly implemented into a publisher’s mobile app. With several lines of code, all information is gathered in the background. There is no impact on the customer’s experience.



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