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Unfortunately, most publishers and advertisers don’t know much about their mobile customers.

Once customers leave the company’s own mobile app, they’re invisible.

  • Do they visit competitors’ apps?
  • Do they visit complementary apps?
  • Or are they doing something completely unexpected?

There’s a whole lot of information on customers’ mobile devices that can reveal their interests and behaviors… but most companies aren’t seeing it.

ESPN, for example, wouldn’t know that a reader also has the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots apps installed.

Starbucks wouldn’t know which of their customers are also using the Dunkin’ Donuts app.

And Zynga probably can’t tell which “Words with Friends” players are also actively using Kayak and TripAdvisor.

More knowledge drives better results

If they had a full picture of which apps their customers were running on their smartphones and tablets, publishers and advertisers could deliver more appropriate content and better targeted promotions.

ESPN could deliver promotions relevant to Celtics fans.

Starbucks could deliver a special offer to Dunkin Donuts customers.

Or Zynga could sell advertising space on “Words with Friends” to companies that are targeting travelers.

Marlin Mobile Segment Intelligence reveals customers’ interests

Now, with solutions such as Marlin Mobile Segment Intelligence, publishers and advertisers can capture this kind of information directly from their mobile customers.

While protecting the identity of the customer, companies can better understand their interests and behaviors.

For the customer, it means more personalized content and offers.

For the mobile publisher and advertiser, it can help them acquire new customers, better engage existing customers, and win back customers that have defected to customers.

See how Marlin Mobile Segment Intelligence works and use the free trial to learn more about your own customers.

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