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The need for a second generation mobile analytics tool.

The first generation of mobile app analytical tools do an excellent job at showing what mobile users do when they are within a particular app. They can tell companies all kinds of useful information on when, where and how their app is being used.

But we see a large opportunity for a second generation mobile app analytical solution. Mobile advertisers, publishers, and DSPs can all benefit by getting full picture of what’s on a mobile device. There’s value in knowing what mobile users do when they are outside an individual app.

Get the complete picture.

By understanding the complete mobile app environment, companies could gather vital information on their users interests, behavior, and preferences. This kind of information could them acquire new users, better engage and monetize existing users, retain and re-acquire users from competitors, generate more ad revenue, and execute more effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Our Mobile Segment Intelligence is market-proven and is already being used by Zipcar among other leading mobile app providers.



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