May 2015

Smart marketers will try to learn everything they can about their most valuable customers.  They’ll collect key demographic information, purchase preferences, and anything else they can use to improve the experience for those customers.

They can capture most of that information by tracking what they do when they are inside the company’s own mobile app.

But there’s one giant hole in that picture of high value customers:  Marketers have no idea what those customers do when they’re outside the company’s app.

Pattern recognition and prediction

Once they analyze the complete constellation of apps installed by their best customers, marketers can detect a pattern.  They can identify a specific cohort of mobile apps that makes it possible for them to  “predict” which of their mobile users have the potential to develop into high-value customers.

Target high-potential segments

They could then target the segment of users that fit that particular pattern.  Instead of blanketing the entire population of mobile users, they can target a special promotion or offer to only those that are most likely to be valuable long-term customers.

To implement this pattern recognition and targeting requires that marketers use a solution such as the Apptient Mobile Segment Intelligence tool to see the complete picture of what apps users are running on their mobile devices.

Once marketers know what their ideal customers look like, they have a much better chance to find more of them.