February 2015

Customers using your mobile app reveal a lot about themselves.

They generate data about what they do when they’re inside your app: where they go, what they look at, how long they stay, etc.

Plus they generate data on what they do when they’re outside your app: what other apps are installed on their mobile device, are those apps complementary or competitors, are they used more often than your app, etc.


Your customer, but not your data

All that data – which could be extremely helpful to you – should be yours. After all, it’s all been generated by your customers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly work like that. You can get the data… but you need to pay for it.

The people collecting all that valuable information are the mobile ad networks and others that control access to mobile users. And they’d be happy to sell it back to you.


Why not collect the data yourself

For a time, buying back data on your own customers may have made sense.

But now there are other ways to learn what your customers are doing on their mobile devices. Solutions such as Marlin Mobile’s Segment Intelligence let brands collect that valuable data on their own.

Mobile advertisers can see for themselves what their users are doing, both inside and outside their application. They can use this information to better target their promotions and spend their mobile ad budget more productively.

And they can do without paying someone else for data about their own customers.